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08/25/09 09:32 PM
Video review: Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600

Update: read our full written review (with video review too) here: Sony Reader Touch Edition Review

Gather round, fellow bookworms: Sony's second attempt at a touch screen eBook reader is worth a look. We loved everything about their last attempt, the PRS-700, except the display quality which was murky thanks to 2 added layers: touch screen and side-lighting.

The PRS-600 is a great improvement over the 700, but it's still not quite as contrasty as our beloved PRS-505, which has arguably the best eInk screen to date. Glare is there on the Touch Edition but it's not bad and can be managed with small adjustments in holding angle.

Here's a close-up screen comparison of the PRS-505 (red) and the PRS-600 (black):

We do love the annotations feature (ink and highlighter), the dictionary and the Reader's ease of use.

No comment yet on the desktop software because it doesn't actually exist yet according to Sony. That new 3.0 software for Windows and Mac should be out Thursday or Friday. Meanwhile, Windows users can stick with the 2.5 version that's available on Sony's web site (and you might have it installed already if you own an older Sony Reader).

We'll be posting our full review in a day or so, and in the meantime check out our 10 minute video review which includes comparisons with the Sony Reader 505 and Kindle DX. We demo handwritten annotations, search and the dictionary too.


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