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08/27/09 05:06 PM
Re: Townrs Defender On Sale! (Update imminent!)

8/27/2009 ? Update Pack 1 Released for Townrs Defender, download it if you already own the game, or buy it from iTunes:


- Sound and Music added! Now you can listen to an epic score whilst surrounded by thunderous battle.
- Save and Resume! No longer will you lose your game if you want to take a break, or are interrupted. Simply choose resume, and pick up automatically from where you left off!
- Interface updates! Now you can tap and hold to run in a direction, rather than tapping continuously.
- Gameplay balance, and many bug fixes. The game is now even more fun!

Settings Panel:

Added a panel in the settings app to control preferences. You may toggle on and off the music and sound effects individually. In addition, you can elect to have errors and gameplay statistics uploaded to our servers, so that we can better improve our game!


Easy is now easier. Medium and Hard have been rebalanced to distribute the difficulty better.

User Interface:

Tap and hold to run in a given direction. Releasing over an enemy will still attack that enemy.
Heroes should run around less when casing the second (cone) skill.
Added additional messages to remind a player to level up, and why a spell doesn?t cast when it is still recharging.

Artificial Intelligence:

Fixed several bugs where enemies would stand around after the player died in certain situations.


Fixed a bug in the map code that would cause a crash.
Fixed a bug in the position code that would cause a crash.

Save and Resume:

Automatic saving is now implement at the beginning of a wave, and whenever the game is terminated. Choosing resume on the main page will restore a previous game.


Sounds added for all combat and game effects. Title music will play in the menu screen, and several combat music pieces will play as long as there is sufficient memory available. In the event the iPhone is low on memory, you will be alerted, and the music will discontinue.

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