(PDA Addict)
08/28/09 04:52 AM
Re: Townrs Defender On Sale! (Update imminent!)

Just tried the update, and now the game is soooo much better.

-There is nice epic/heroic music now in the background and nice sound effects for the spells. Now we just need some more cool sounds for the bad guys, especially the some mad laughter or something and maybe some foot stomping noises as they walk...I mean they're huge compared to everything else.

-It is much easier to move around when the defender will follow your finger around instead of having to tap, tap, tap.

-You now respawn in 10 seconds instead of 15...this is one of the best changes! It really increases the feel of the pacing of the game and you get more of a sense of rushing around to defend the different points. This to me breathed some fresh air into the game...before with the 15 second respawn the game really felt tedious and slow.

-The game has not crashed on me, which did occur with the initial release.

-Unfortunately, after doing a fresh reboot, I am experiencing some freezing of the game as enemies spawn.

Overall, this update has addressed a lot of the negatives I had in my initial review.

Great job, and look forward to upcoming updates and content.

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