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09/02/09 01:55 AM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise

Here's the review I left in iTunes:

Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise is a really well done, fun, and polished game. The game consists of two parts: a fun, parachuting game where you earn points and prizes and customizeable "My Room" where you can display and arrange all of the items you've collected.

Using responsive tilt and touch controls you drag Hello Kitty down and fling her up into the air. While she floats down you must avoid certain objects like bees, ladybugs, or cute little monsters and collect apples for points and items for your room. Each time you collect an item it dangles down underneath HK and each item adds to the chain. Be careful though! If you hit any of the objects to avoid, HK will drop the items collected and she will take damage. If you take too much damage then the game ends and you'll have to try gentle with Hello Kitty. Some objects are harder to collect than others and you must launch HK as high as you can since some collectable items can only be found at higher altitudes.

There are 5 unlocked stages and you must unlock the other 5 giving you a total of 10 stages to play. The game tracks your high scores for each stage and which items you've managed to collect.

Parents, be prepared to help out your younger Hello Kitty fans to collect all the items for display in "My Room". The parachuting game is very simple to play but might be difficult for some to master especially when they must collect items found at the very top.

Overall, Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise is a game that can appeal to both fans of Hello Kitty and those looking for a well done, cute, casual game. There are personal high scores to beat, unlockable stages, and a room to display all the goodies you've won...all done in nicely polished graphics that should make Hello Kitty proud.

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