(PDA Addict)
09/04/09 02:51 PM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Frenzic


Thanks for the great review and kind words about Frenzic everyone. The game's been out and available for a few years so we forget just how much people enjoy playing it. The mobile version is really a nice way to waste some time when you're in line somewhere or are in the mood to challenge yourself and your reflexes.

Begin shameless pitch: If you enjoyed Frenzic, then have a look at our latest iPhone game, Ramp Champ. The genre and type of game is completely different, but it was crafted with the same helping of love and attention to detail that Frenzic was. Check it out at:


End shameless pitch.

Thanks again everyone, enjoy Frenzic!

Glad to have you onboard, IFWebmaster!

I've heard a lot of great stuff about Ramp Champ and am looking forward to checking it out. I really admire how it looks like each of the ramps play very differently beyond just having different graphical themes!

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