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09/17/09 05:16 PM
Re: Android Phone review: HTC Hero for Sprint

Thanks Lisa, I hate to harp, but disenfranchised Sprint Instinct users really want a solid confirmation on this part, so I will ask for a little clarity. I am linking people to your review as I thought it was top notch.

You said that the screen will dim after 15 seconds (or whatever the time setting might be) but the buttons still work. This will also dim and go black while on a phone call? Its the "while on a phone call" part that is very important. We never got it for our Instincts and it was the number one requested feature. There are many things instantly better than our Instincts for the Hero, obviously, but I want our savior to have this most basic feature. I hope you can understand, sorry again for being persistent about this.

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