Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
09/29/09 09:07 PM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Interception

The developer of Interception sent the following info on the update of the game:

Interception v1.1 has been submitted to the iTunes store, and customers should have access to it shortly. It corrects all of our outstanding bugs, and adds the following features.

- - Added high score ticker on title screen as a temporary measure. We initially wanted online scorekeeping, but have been delayed in selecting a service or developing our own.

- - Added Vibration (for devices that support it) when cities are destroyed.

- -Added numerous minor speed enhancements.

- -Fixed ?Shield Bug?, where shields would not re-spawn correctly after resuming a game in progress.

- -Fixed ?Dud Rocket Bug?, where Rockets would occasionally vanish from play without exploding.


Version 1.2 of Interception will feature a myriad of achievements, as well as online leader boards!!! We?re all very enthusiastic about finally getting online scoring, so the wait for v1.2 shouldn?t be long. Additional features in v1.2:

-Unlockable harder difficulties - - - Normal +, and Master + modes.
- - Additional enemy types in these new modes.
- -Online scoreboard utilizing Open Feint with daily leaderboards, and all time high scores.


Wow! These sound great!!

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