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11/15/09 03:52 PM
iPhone Game Review: Rummage

iPhone Game Review: Rummage
Reviewed by Leah Jennings

If you're a word game enthusiast, and want more than your average, run of the mill word game, Rummage just might be for you. Rummage players don't need a good vocabulary, just strategy, since the words are already in a list for you to find.

There are over 30 word lists to choose from, all within a certain theme, i.e., Ice Cream, Sharks, and Flowers to name a few. Rummage is a tile-based word game, in which you move the tiles around to spell the words on the list. There are 3 tutorials recommended to start the game with, teaching you everything from the basics to maximizing moves for extra points.

During gameplay, you?re allowed 10 moves to move the tiles around to form your word, but every move after 5 moves results in penalty points so plan your moves carefully. Scoring is very deep, with bonus points for bonus moves, and penalty points for well...penalty moves. (Never would?ve guessed, would you?) All the scoring is explained in detail under the tutorials. There are bonus words to find, which give you blank tiles, hints, or even extra points. It gets kinda tough remembering the words on the list, which makes it hard to form words unless you have a specific one in mind.

The graphics are simple, 2D images. The tiles have the Stone Age theme to them, with a blue color scheme throughout the game. The music is a lounge type, with monotonous
sound effects. You are able to listen to your iPod if you want, which is a bonus for me.

Rummage is a great choice for the serious word gamers who likes simple yet challenging
gameplay. If you love word games, you?ll definitely enjoy this game. Difficult,
challenging, yet easy to pick up gameplay will surely enthuse any word gamer out there.

Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics: -3.5- Simple, 2D. Clean theme throughout.
Sound: -3- Lounge type music, sound effects are inspiring.
Controls: -3.5- Easy to learn and use, very consistent.
Gameplay: -4- Challenging, simple, yet fun. For any word gamer out there.

Playing Hints and Tips:

- Maximize your moves, and make multiple words.

- Try to remember a few words from the list at a time.

- Use blank tiles wisely, for letters that don?t come up often.

App Facts:
Developer: CFresh Media
Release Date: Sep 19, 2009
Price: $0.99
Buy App: iTunes App Store

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