(PDA Addict)
01/29/10 03:01 PM
Re: Apple iPad: Technical Specs

I have to admit I'm intrigued by this. As an iPod Touch JUNKY this almost seems like pure win!


-Huge screen
-10 hour battery
-3G Data Service option for $30/mo and no contract.
-100% compatibility with existing iPhone apps.

But then again:

-9.7" screen not super portable (can't stick this in your pocket).
-Pretty hefty price tag.
-All of this extra space and we're still only dealing with 8-64Gbs of storage?
-While all iPhone games should run alright, many will be nearly unplayable until their controls are optimized for this new platform (your thumbs can only reach so far).

If this weren't all enough I JUST upgraded to my iPod Touch 3G last Christmas and would feel like an idiot upgrading again after 3 months!

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