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02/08/10 05:19 AM
Re: Full review: HP TouchSmart TM2 tablet PC with multi-touch and pen input

Hello all, I just put my order in on Saturday and when I checked back today, the NBLB654877 promo code no longer works.

Quick question, do you think the HP2's screen will, after say a year of writing with the pen, start to show those translucent-like scribbles in the portion of the screen where the user frequently uses the pen? You sometimes see signs of these "scribble" on the center portion of a PDA's screen where the stylus was frequently used. Do you think a screen protector will almost be necessary for this tablet? I wish the answer was no but anything with finger manipulation, coupled with a pen, almost ensures the use of screen protector not only from excessive fingerprints but also screen wear from the pen as well.

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