(PDA Addict)
02/17/10 09:04 PM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Trenches

A little slow on the uptake here but actually Trenches has had a number of cool updates since I wrote the review! AS of this posting they're up to v1.2.6 (here are the changes from the last two updates with v1.2.5 being REALLY big):

== Version 1.2.6 ==
?That pesky crashing has been all fixed up

?More unit balancing

?Various bug fixes

== Version 1.2.5 ==
?Increase the length to the campaign

?Adding new types of play to the campaign, such as Keep Secrets Safe, Box Barrage, and More

?Revamping the units for increased strategy

?Adding bunkers/bases to the spawn points

?New Gestures to advance all units and to stop all units at one time. Swipe two fingers forward to All Advance nearby troops. Swipe two fingers backwards to Retreat nearby troops. Shake to Panic Retreat troops in view. Swipe two fingers down to stop nearby troops.

?New Skirmish Game Mode: The Great Escape

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