(PDA Addict)
03/13/10 03:36 PM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Tilt to Live


Hiya! Thanks for the review and comments!
We've gotten a lot of positive feedback along with a litany of suggestions and ideas. We're currently working on a new update for Tilt to Live that we think will really set the game up to be even more fun than it already is . We'll definitely have more news on the details in the coming weeks.

Just another random tip:
- The awards are sorted by increasing difficulty. So give the easy ones a try if you're finding it difficult to unlock weapons!

Thanks for dropping by and, doh, I totally missed that the awards are actually listed in a bit of a logical order. So does that mean, for the most part, this is also a clue as to their point values? I'm assuming it goes without saying that the award at the top of the list is worth only a fraction of points the award at the bottom is?

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