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03/26/10 06:55 PM
Samsung Galaxy S Android superphone hands on

I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Samsung's new high end Android 2.1 smartphone, the Galaxy S. Folks, this is a nice phone, and while it has pretty much every feature you could expect in a top model, it's not the over the top mish-mosh of features that was last year's Samsung Jet.

The model on display was quad band EDGE with Euro 3G. Samsung says there are no US carrier deals in place yet. I have a feeling it might come to one of our CDMA carriers, but time will tell.

The phone has a 4" Super AMOLED display. What's super about it? Much improved sunlight legibility and seriously wider viewing angles. While AMOLED displays are already power-frugal, Super AMOLED uses even less power.

The phone is about the same size as the Nexus One and smaller than the HTC HD2. It runs on a Samsung-built ARM Cortex A8 CPU clocked at 1GHz and has a new PowerVR graphics chip that's significantly faster than the iPhone 3GS'. Sweet. How did it feel? Very fast and responsive, and certainly in the same league as the Nexus One for every day tasks. Alas, we didn't get to try out any 3D games.

The Galaxy S has a 5 megapixel camera that can shoot 720p video, and Samung's cameras are usually pretty good in terms of quality. There is no flash.

What about that dirty word "TouchWiz"? The Galaxy S runs TouchWiz 3.0 on top of Android 2.1. The good news is Samsung heard us and the widget bar and other intrusive UI items are gone. What's left are some useful widgets and shortcuts that enhance functionality.

Other features include 8 or 16 gigs of internal storage plus a microSD card slot, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth.

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