Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
06/01/10 10:13 PM
Aava Mobile Shows Off Android h-SDK for Intel Atom Z6xx Processors

Aava Mobile today at Computex 2010 announced Virta Android, a hardware-enhanced software developer kit (h-SDK) for Android developers wishing to write applications for smartphones and tablets running the newest Intel Atom Z6xx Series processors (previously codenamed "Moorestown"). The Virta Android is a fully functioning x86 smartphone that comes pre-loaded with a tailored Android SDK ported to Intel Atom processors.

Aava Mobile created Virta Android to give application developers a real-world device for development and testing. Virta Android is cross-compatible with all current Android SDK software and comes with a capacitive touch screen, accelerometer, GPS, haptic feedback, and video/still camera. Virta Android includes a GSM/EDGE quad band and WCDMA triple-band (band I, II and V) modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all antennae connectivity for complete platform and application testing. The Virta Android is the only phone factor SDK for developing and testing Android platforms and applications to run on Intel Atom based devices.

The Virta Android h-SDK was created in cooperation with Intel and has been validated and hardened for Android by Wind River. Application developers Ixonos and Teleca are already using a beta version of Virta Android.

Aava Mobile's Virta Android h-SDK for developing 'Android on Intel Atom Processors' can be pre-ordered today by visiting The h-SDK is slated to ship in Q3 of 2010.


Processor: Intel Atom (code name Moorestown)
Modem: ST-E
Display: 864x480 3.8" TFT
Touch Screen: Capacitive, extended
Network: GSM/EDGE quad band
WCDMA triple-band (Band I, II and V)
2 Mbps up-link and 7.2 Mbps down-link
WiFi/BT: Yes
GPS: Yes
Sensors: Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor, 3D compass, Accelerometer
Vibrate: Yes
Haptic feedback: Yes
USB: Yes
SDIO: microSD
Videoconferencing camera: 2MP resolution
Still image camera: 5 megapixel (optional 8 megapixel) and LED flash
FM Radio: Yes
Mic: Stereo (echo and background noise cancellation)
Speakers: Stereo
Side keys: Hard keys: Power on/off, function, volume up/down, 2-step camera button.


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