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06/03/10 10:08 PM
Stupid Twitter Tricks: SwearJarr

Did you ever notice how many curse words are uttered on Twitter? Well, a new web site that launched earlier this week did.

SwearJarr is a new service that lets you input the user name of anyone on Twitter, and it searches their timeline (recent tweets) for expletives. Based on the number and severity of the profanities, it calculates how much money that user owes to the swear jar and offers you a chance to donate that amount to charity.

Now, don't panic. This isn't really censorship, and in fact SwearJarr isn't even affiliated with Twitter. No one is forcing you to pay for your offenses; it's just an original way to motivate people to donate money to worthy causes, voluntarily.

For example, SwearJarr calculates that Dr. Drew Pinsky owes $9 as of this writing, while actor/comedian Brian Posehn currently owes $155. The site has only been running for a few days, and it has already tracked over a million swear words and raised over $2,000 for charity.

The charities change every month, with this month's proceeds going to Stand Up To Cancer and Malaria No More. So why not head over to SwearJarr and see if you "owe" any money to the jar?


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