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06/07/10 06:10 PM
iPhone 4 announced at WWDC

Steve Jobs' demo of the iPhone 4 got a little rocky with both WiFi and 3G networks overloaded at WWDC today where he finally let the world see the new iPhone.

New features: "retina display" with 326ppi pixel density (old school monitors are 72 dpi for comparison). The resolution is 660 x 640 and the screen size remains 3.5". The contrast ratio is 800:1 and it's a IPS glass display.

The iPhone 4 runs on Apple's new A4 CPU, and the battery is larger so usage time is supposedly improved to 7 hours 3G talk time.

The camera uses a backside illuminated sensor for better image quality and the resolution is 5 megapixels. There's an LED flash, 720p video recording at 30fps and a new app: iMobie for iPhone (really). The catch? You have to pay $4.99 for iMovie for the iPhone.

FaceTime is Apple's new 2-way video calling for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 only. In 2010 it works only on WiFi (Apple is working with carriers to expand that to 3G) and it's free (beyond the cost of 2 iPhone 4 smartphones- ha!). No buddy lists or signups required, just press the FaceTime button when in a call to start a video call. Both front and rear cameras are supported.

The new iPhone adds a gyroscope sensor which should be great for gaming and WiFi now supports 802.11n.

iBooks is coming to the iPhone, and it looks like a miniature version of the iPad app. You can download purchased books to your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

The design is what you've seen in recent leaks, though it's apparently thinner than it looks and is thinner than the iPhone 3GS. Measurement? 9.3mm thick.

The phone will run iPhone OS 4 with multi-tasking (at least in a controlled fashion), folder organization and more.

Price? $299 for the 32 gig iPhone 4 and $199 for the 16 gig iPhone 4 with a 2 year AT&T contract. It's available in two flavors: black and white. AT&T has moved up renewal dates up to 6 months, so you might just qualify now.

Release date: June 24th for the US, UK, Germany, France and Japan.

You can pre-order it starting June 15, 2010.


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