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06/22/10 06:17 AM
Re: Amazon retailiates: Kindle 2 price dropped to $189


That's great because it gets the technology in more hands, but we do hope it doesn't stifle hardware innovation and new feature deployment.

I have a sister named LisaG from Texas...what are the odds, nah....

Still it makes me feel familiar, so, I'll strike a personal tone...sounds like someone doesn't know how capitalism works, Sis......hahahahaa

Getting the technology in more hands, is called widening your sales base...competition does drive the price down, but that desire to keep the price up leads to product differentiation, you'll see accelerated development and new feature deployment.

But you know can't convince someone and anyway it doesn't matter.
I like idealism, I support the young idealist.

Lets get a petition together and get Amazon to raise that price right on back up to $259. I'm going to support you all the way, let's get it done!

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