(Head Honcho)
06/22/10 03:06 PM
Re: Amazon retailiates: Kindle 2 price dropped to $189

I didn't mean that inexpensive readers aren't wonderful. They are great, and they do get the technology into more folks' hands.

But in addition to the price of technology dropping for existing and old tech, as it always does, I'd like to see some new and innovative products in these companies' portfolios. That provides the differentiation you mention and keeps the seasoned ereader buyers interested. It also keeps the space lively so these products don't turn from being the hottest tech of 2009 to forgetten by 2011. Remember, these e-ink readers also have to compete against the iPad-- they need bells and whistles to do that. The price of the iPad will creep down over time and low priced e-ink may not be enough of a differentiator. Both price and features sell tech. It's not idealist, it's a fact of today's tech-- look at Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad. Certainly price isn't what make these sell so well that they can't make enough of them.

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