Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
07/19/10 03:40 PM
New iPad Game: Inkvaders HD Now Available for the iPad

The popuplar hand-drawn side scrolling shooter iPhone game, Inkvaders is now available for the iPad in HD. Purge the Martians!! Here is more info on the iPad version along with screens:

The Earth is in peril ... again! The task of saving the day falls at the feet of our hero, Generic Marine (G to his friends). G must battle from his base on the Moon back to Earth to wipe the invading Martian menace from our streets, and save the human race. It won't be easy, but G has an arsenal of 15 deadly weapons to hand. Join him and shoot, splat, and blast your way to victory through 30 levels across three awesome locations!

Game Features:
-Stunning Graphics: Eye-catching cartoon visuals need to be seen to be believed!

-Easy-to-Understand Controls: Non-stop action that?s easy to get into, with fantastic special abilities that can be used instantly on monstrous enemy hordes.

-Out of This World Weapons:Upgrade ammo and weapon types with futuristic energy weapons, brutal melee weapons, and the very tasty grenade launcher to send the Martians to oblivion!

-Story Mode: 30 Levels with three unique cartoon sci-fi space locations.

-Upgrades Galore: Collect Martian rocks and flying meteors to earn cash which you can us e to purchase new weapons, ammo and item upgrades from vending machines.

-Awesome Enemies:Slay wave after wave of Martians to reap rewards, but beware as they get bigger and badder the farther you get!

-Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Players can compare scores and achievements with online leaderboards through Crystal!

Inkvaders HD ($2.99) iTunes:


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