07/29/10 03:16 PM
Re: Kindle News: Amazon Announces Third Generation of Kindle

Dear Lisa, and Jacob,
I talked with Kindle support, and the WiFi model has portrait and landscape view just like the 3G and WiFi model for $50 more so the menu keys are on the right side, there is a workaround for those with disabilities; there is also text to speech. I also suggested that the Kindle site reveal that the battery is "removable" I reminded them that the iPad has a "sealed" battery and while highly unlikely, if any device is sent back for a replacement battery then "critical information may/ but may not be exposed; the person I spoke with agreed; lastly we discussed speed and while the 3G may off an option, iWiFi is definitely faster; the only advantage I see for the 3G model is the frequent traveler" opton. Hope what I have found out helps!

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