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07/29/10 05:18 PM
Re: HTC EVO 4G and BlackBerry Curve Help Sprint Gain Wireless Subscribers in Q2

WOW..... I can't believe all the hype over this phone. I refer to it as the WHOPPER. Because it is so big , it takes 2 hands to do most anything on it. This is without a doubt the least user friendly phone that I have ever owned, a major disappointment . I waited forever for it, I did get a good deal thru Sprint , and after only 5 days I realized how much I loved my Pre . I was going to send it back, but I found out that they are selling for over retail on ebay . So, BYE BYE Evo ! The guy at Sprint said..." Have you watched TV on it yet?" I replied, " I'm not paying $99.95 per month to watch TV, and I would much prefer to watch TV on my 60" flatscreen anyways. And to answer everyones question, YES, you have to pay an additional $39.95 for the hotspot feature. As far as the 4G goes, I'm sure that it will work marvelously when they have that coverage in my area (which is estimated to be 2 years , according to Sprint). Messaging???? Now there's a chore and a half. The Sprint guy tried in vain to defend the EVO . He said that you can do much more with it than you can with the PRE. I said" REALLY? SHOW ME" The end result , the EVO has a better screen and a marvelous camera, but again, I'm not paying $100 a month for a MARVELOUS camera. Aside from those 2 features, the Pre beat it hands down in every aspect. I thought having a touchscreen for texting would be way cool, boy was I wrong . Me and the Sprint guy did a test where we texted each other the same message at the same time, I beat him 3 times in a row and I spelled every word correctly, where he had mispelled half his words. AND, the 4th race I almost beat him with 1 hand while he used 2. The enormity of this phone is unparralled , so if SIZE MATTERS then you will like it, but you are better off carrying it in a mini briefcase versus in a holster on your belt, it is no lightweight by any stretch . I hope I have not dissapointed anyone out there, but just a piece of advice, don't buy it online before you go to the Sprint store and check it out in person. Had I done that, I never would have bought it. I'll stick with my Pre and hopefully Palm will come out with a 4G Pre with hotspot capability sometime in the future when Sprint has 4G coverage in my area. OH , AND ONE LAST THING, IF YOU DO DECIDE TO GET THE EVO, BUY A COUPLE EXTRA BATTERIES AND ALWAYS BRING YOUR CHARGERS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO.


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