07/30/10 01:45 PM
Re: The iPad is making me iBlind: why E Ink eBook readers still rock

I totally agree with Lisa on this; let me tell you my story; I am disabled, require a "reading" device without any headaches, and while the iPad does "more" it is not a dedicated E Reader; I would also consider regardless of age having a device whch is "better" for usage of your eyes; remember we all have a body, so let's not let anythin happen to our eyes. The EReaders(Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Sony Daily Edition are better for reading, and all have a "replaceable batery" I am most interested in the WiFi Kindle, as for a savings of $50 you only lose 3G, and have everything else that the $189 model has(Kindle) I am trying not to show preference, but the need to read, gets you away from your computer and puts time in your hands for reading books, newspapers, whatever at a modest price; I wont dispute the fact that the iPad does more, but in this day and age of being and staying intelligent, reading has an edge.
For anyone reading this be good to yourself and your eyes; get a dedicated E Reader and remain intelligent by learing tthrough reading.

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