08/13/10 02:05 AM
Re: Full review: BlackBerry Torch 9800

Wow, that's an excellent review. Thank you. You are the second positive review about 9899 that I have read. The first is Crackberry, and I thought they might be bias. But, after reading your review, I think it is a good device. I wonder why the rest of reviewers give 9800 not so positive reviews. You said it is made out of plastic. I don't know if 9700 has a metal of it, but the "metal" look on 9700 makes it look like a real metal (compare to 8900). Does 9800 looks like 8900 or 9700? I know you mention that you bought Samsung recently. My question is if you are going to get 9800 too? I am curious. If you do, then it tells me 9800 is really that good ;-) Thank you Lisa.

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