Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
08/19/10 03:00 PM
Upcoming iPhone Game: Bulkypix Showing Off Upcoming Yslandia MMORPG for iPhone

Bulkypix and Moving Player today announced the release schedule of Yslandia for the iPhone. Yslandia is a massive multiplayer online RPG that contains more than 200 quests to achieve scattered across three islands, coupled with flash graphics, a real guild experience, and random instances. The game is scheduled for release in early September worldwide. More info on this upcoming MMORPG for the iPhone and iPod touch:

Featuring a cute and colorful pixel art style, Yslandia lets you and your pals frolic in a magic filled world of time gone by. Dive into the heart of the Yslandia universe, an MMORPG with innovative game play, finely detailed graphics, and an addictive soundtrack! Wage battles in real time in a conflict where 6 races are vying for the possession of a group of magnificent islands, each with its own unique characteristics.

In the game you can create one or more characters from a large selection and embark on an exhilarating adventure! Through hundreds of quests, discover a rich universe populated by colorful characters and unusual creatures. Explore, fight, trade and collect rare items for the glory of your clan!

Advance on your own or with a team and lead epic battles and duels in real time. Control the advancement of your character and learn to master spells and new fighting techniques. Invite your friends to be part of your guild, control your characters when you're offline and exchange knowledge and items with them. In Yslandia, you will never feel alone at any time of the day... or the night

Game Features:

* MMORPG for iPhone
* High color cartoon design
* Create your character among 9 races divided in 18 classes
* About 200 quests
* 3 Lands full of quest and PvP gameplay
* 70 casts + 400 kind of items
* Reach level 50
* Create and manage guilds
* Play together in random dungeons
* Play with 800+ gamers on a single server
* Openfeint achievements

Game Trailer


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