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10/02/10 04:18 PM
T-Mobile G2 flaccid hinge and missing storage- got 4 gigs or 2?

It seems that life isn't a bed of roses and high capacity NAND memory chips right now for some early T-Mobile HTC G2 buyers. That high-end Android smartphone with a sliding QWERTY has a hinge that's a wee bit lax, meaning if you rotate the phone the keyboard might open or close in response to gravity. That's not wonderful, but it probably isn't the end of the world.

However, there are long threads on T-Mobile's own forum and XDA Developers where early adopters are wondering where that capacious 4 gigs of internal storage is hiding. It seems some phones only have 2 gigs of storage like the overseas Desire Z that largely mirrors the US HTC G2. The XDA Devs thread is 29 pages long and folks there have attacked it with every Linux file system command known to man and they've rooted it. Yet that magic memory can't be found.

T-Mobile is saying it's business as usual and that missing storage memory is just being hidden and reserved for something or other. HTC, according to forum posts, has been accepting RMAs for the 2 giggers.

We've got the G2 in house and examine these issues for ourselves in our T-Mobile G2 review.

-> T-Mobile forum thread about missing storage memory

-> XDA Developers thread about 2 gigs rather than 4 gigs storage


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