Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
10/05/10 09:32 PM
Line2 V3.0 Released for Sending SMS Over WiFi

Toktumi has released Line2 version 3.0 that allows iOS device users to send SMS via VoIP, and over one million SMS text messages have already been sent 4 days after the 3.0 release. Here is more info on Line2 version 3:

Line2 Version 3.0 became the first VoIP app to feature carrier-grade SMS texting, allowing customers to exchange unlimited text messages with any SMS-enabled phone on any carrier. The result is a texting experience that is identical to traditional SMS offered by the major cellular carriers, but at a fraction of the price. Line2 costs $9.95/month for unlimited US/Canada calling and texting. Unlike texting-only applications for the iPhone, Line2 combines VoIP calling capabilities and carrier-grade texting in one app, so that customers can use one number for both types of communication.

Line2 customers get unlimited calling and unlimited SMS texting for half the $20 price that AT&T charges for unlimited texting alone. When you add in the savings achieved by dropping to the lowest AT&T calling plan and using Line2 over Wi-Fi for voice calls, customers can reduce their cell phone bill by as much as $50 per month.

For iPod Touch and iPad users, Line2 turns either device into a Wi-Fi mobile phone with all the features of a traditional cell phone for just $9.95/month. People with regular access to Wi-Fi networks now have a viable alternative to a cell phone for a fraction of the cost. Customers won?t miss calls because they can be forwarded to another phone or sent to voicemail if the device isn?t connected to Wi-Fi.

To see how Line2 works watch this long demo video:

You can get the app for free from the iTunes App Store:


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