Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
11/05/10 07:23 PM
iPhone Game Code Giveaway: Jungle Style Pinball

Continue with our Pinball Madness Code Giveaway, today we have several codes to give away for Jungle Style Pinball. Here is more info on the game and stay tuned to grab the codes!!

About Jungle Style Pinball:

You seek treasures hidden by Indians in the jungle, in an abandoned temple. Many a man has tried to seize the treasure, and many have paid with their lives for that because the jungle is not the friendliest place in the world; however, it is full of mystery and adventure. Show some wit hunting for the golden ball; try to deceive a cunning shaman, see what you are worth fighting with a huge ape, attempt to find a way out of a trap waiting for you, learn how you can save your life and make your breathtaking experience last ? do not put your Odyssey off till tomorrow! The sky is the limit; you have a chance to play with more than one ball at a time and get yourself a golden ball (please note that a golden ball is bigger and heavier than a metal one). Do not lose your life in a deadly hole, seek ways to reactivate lifeguards. Search for keys the hints for which you find on a path ? they will help you move the labyrinth in the right direction thus boosting your chances to get the golden ball. Test your luck on a slots-machine; you might activate a lifeguard or get another ball in the game or? get trapped. Seek for treasures ? they might as well be packed and waiting for you aboard! Compete with other treasure seekers all over the world: for that, see the global record table. With fast 3D graphics and realistic physics this game will blow your mind. All parts of pinball table are real objects and you can see how it works! Jungle style locations and environment gives you a lot of fun.


✔ New improved 3D engine
✔ Missions and Checkpoints
✔ Multiball
✔ Hidden locations
✔ Realistic physics
✔ Camera effects with two modes
✔ Unique sounds
✔ Save/Restore game
✔ Original soundtrack
✔ Table tilting
✔ Local scores table
✔ World scores table
✔ Microbrowser with latest pinball news from Gameprom Team

Jungle Style Pinball sells for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store:

But if you are lucky, better yet if you are fast, you can grab a promo code to get the game for free!!! We will release the codes throughout the day, so keep checking back!


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