Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
12/15/10 04:37 PM
Dungeon Defenders Coming Very Soon, Here is the Huntress Class

We will have a review/preview of the game, but as everyone is waiting for the release of Dungeon Defenders for iPhone, here is some info on one of the classes in the game, the Huntress:

She's nimble. She's lithe. She?'s building a RAY GUN.

She's the Huntress, the ranger class in Dungeon Defenders, and she comes packing quite the ranged punch. Traps, cross-bows and Gatling guns are among her approved weapons and tactics of choice.

Being a trapper and an expert in ranged weaponry, the Huntress always has an exacting plan of attack up her sleeve. Consider her masterfully organized letter to the Dungeon Armorer detailing a new ray gun she wants built, along with her plan to scour the depths of the dungeons to find the materials needed for such a task.

Here is a cool video showing the gameplay with the Huntress at the bow and ray gun:


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