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12/31/10 04:43 PM
Barnes & Noble joins the fray, says Nook ebook reader line all-time bestseller

You know that Amazon was going to get some company in the bragging wars over ereader sales, right? First little Kobo steps in to say things were booming for them too, and now Barnes and Noble says that just like Amazon and their Kindle line, the Nook like of ebook readers have become Barnes and Noble's bestselling products of all time. Like Amazon they avoid concrete numbers, but they do say they sold millions of Nook and Nook Color readers.

If you were like me and tried to download a book or three over Christmas weekend, you probably noticed that B&N's servers were more than a little overtaxed. That's because they sold nearly 1 million ebooks on Christmas day. Nice. In their press release, they also state that ebook sales now outpace physical book sales.

Now if only Borders could find their ebook stride. Their economic outlook is pretty grim at the moment according to various sources.

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