Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
01/20/11 03:22 PM
AGC Unveils Damage-Resistant Dragontrail Glass for Smartphone, Tablet PC

To compete with Gorilla glass used on the latest smartphones and tablets, Tokyo based AGC announced today it will launch their own scratch-resistant and protective cover glass, Dragontail Glass. AGC's Dragontrail uses a unique, highly efficient "float" manufacturing process, and is six-times stronger than conventional soda-lime glass?offering a superior and highly scratch-resistant alternative to conventional cover material which lacks strength, is prone to scratches, and is limited by poor texture quality. Here is more info from today's announcement:

AGC announced today it will launch worldwide sales of Dragontrail, a glass material that is highly receptive to chemical strengthening, to respond to surging global demands for high-quality cover glass used for screens on electronic devices. By 2012, AGC expects to achieve sales of over 30 billion yen (about 360 million USD) in the global market for chemically strengthened cover glass used in smartphones, tablet PCs, TVs and similar devices.

Chemically strengthened Dragontrail is six times stronger than conventional soda-lime glass, highly resistant to scratches and features a beautiful, pristine finish compared with resin. Dragontrail, developed from market-proven raw glass for chemical strengthening, is free of environmentally harmful materials such as arsenic, lead and antimony.

AGC uses a highly efficient float process to manufacture Dragontrail by utilizing the company?s extensive technical expertise in producing specialized glass for electronics acquired through manufacturing TFT glass substrates. The superior production efficiency of this manufacturing process ensures stable supply of cover glass for the growing global mobile device market. AGC will also proactively respond to growing demand for cover glass used in televisions.


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