Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
01/20/11 03:32 PM
New iPad: Turn Your iPad Into a Personal Jukebox wiht StereoMatic

Komorka Tech today released a cool iPad app StereoMatic personal jukebox app. It uses the contents of your iPad's music library to replicate the experience of a vintage jukebox. StereoMatic directly supports wireless streaming via AirPlay. Users can easily browse the contents of their music library, search to quickly find songs of interest as well as view name, artist, and album for the currently playing song and much more. Here is more info on this new iPad app:

StereoMatic is a great music discovery tool, and with support for wireless streaming via AirPlay, it is perfect at parties or other social gatherings.


* Casually browse the contents of your music library
* View Name, Artist, & Album for the Currently Playing song
* View the Current State of your Playlist
* Search to Quickly Find Songs of Interest
* Playback controls: Play / Pause, Previous Track, Next Track
* Continuous playback
* More features are on the way


* StereoMatic is currently an iPad-only app. Use of AirPlay for audio streaming requires iOS 4.2
* StereoMatic contains no music itself - your jukebox is loaded by syncing songs (i.e., no audiobooks or podcasts) via iTunes

StereoMatic sells for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store:


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