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02/14/11 03:45 PM
Microsoft Announces New Windows Phone 7 Features

You know we've all been waiting for "no-do", the update that brings copy and paste to Windows Phone 7. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, Steve Ballmer and Microsoft provided more info about updates we can expect this year:

Twitter integration into the People Hub, a la Facebook in 2011.

Copy and paste is coming in March.

CDMA support in March (that's for you, Verizon and Sprint folks)

Support for Office cloud documents in 2011.

Much improved web browser based on IE 9 in 2011

A new wave of multi-tasking applications.

Microsoft is targeting significant waves of Nokia Windows Mobile in 2012. MS sold 2 million Windows 7 Phone licenses in the first 2 months (licenses are sold to the manufacturers who then build the phones, this isn't the same as number of phones sold to consumers).

There are now 8,000 apps in the Marketplace and Windows Phone 7 is available from 60 carriers in 30 countries. MS claims that 9 out of 10 Windows 7 Phone owners say they'd recommend Windows Phone 7 to someone else.


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