Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
02/17/11 03:48 PM
New iPad Game: Shoot the Apple, Is That Johnny Depp?

California based ConglomerApps today released Shoot The Apple fun target shooter game for the iPad. You practice their marksmanship by shooting apples, among other things, off the heads of various well-known characters and political figures. Here is more info on this new iPad game:

This game is structured as an arcade-style shooting gallery experience. Players progress through a set of sequentially more challenging levels, racking up enough points within the allotted time to move on from one stage to the next. To make things more interesting players have only a small amount of ammunition, meaning that they must make every shot count! In keeping with the game's arcade style gameplay, users are able to shoot various bonuses to score extra points, increase their time bank, win precious extra ammunition, or blast every apple in a given level in one fell swoop with an apple-busting bomb. There are also a variety of diverse and entertaining unlockable weapons.

Shoot The Apple sells for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store:


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