Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
05/16/11 01:43 PM
New iPhone Game: Minefield Navigator Comes to iOS

Indie developer Interex introduces today Minefield Navigator arcade style game set underwater for iOS. A casual, pick-up-and-play game, players must navigate through a minefield by touching the screen to move up, and release to move down. All levels are randomly generated so no two games are ever the same. The number of mines increases by one at each new level, and there are an unlimited number of levels. Here is more on the new iPhone game:

The goal of the game is to complete levels and get the highest score. In Arcade mode players score points by completing levels and picking up items. In Marathon mode players earn points based on the total distance traveled.

Feature Highlights:

* Unlimited random levels
* Different game modes
* Global and local high scores
* 3 difficulty levels
* 5 different themes
* Simple, fun, and addicting gameplay

Minefield Navigator is free with an in-app purchase to unlock the full featured version for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store:


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