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06/16/11 02:27 PM
New Nook Simple Touch eReader Video Review

Last year, Sony was the only big name making touchscreen E-Ink ebook readers, and the price premium was hefty. Now Barnes and Noble (and soon Kobo with Borders in the US) have 6 inch touchscreen E-Ink readers with IR touch sensors that sell for relatively affordable prices. The New Nook (what a name, oye) sells for $139 and is in stores now, though it's not easy to find them in stock for purchase. The touch interface is very intuitive and easy to use-- a big selling point these days when touch is the rage.

The ereader has a Pearl E-Ink display like the Kindle 3 and Sony Reader PRS-350 Pocket Edition, Sony PRS-650 and Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition. The Pearl E-Ink display has significantly improved contrast compared to older E-Ink ereaders.

The Nook Simple Touch has a wide and comfortable design and a grippy surface we like. It's not chic, but it's definitely modern and good looking. The reader has WiFi and you can download books, magazines and newspapers from B&N's online store directly to the reader, or you can transfer them via USB. Battery life is excellent on E-Ink readers (at least if you keep WiFi off when not needed), and the Nook will last many times longer on a charger than the LCD-based Nook Color or tablets like the HTC Flyer and 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Above: the Nook Simple Touch and Nook Color.

Here's our 25 minute New Nook Simple Touch video review. We take a look at books, highlighting, the dictionary, PDF support, buying books, text clarity and reading features. Our full review will follow next week.


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