(Head Honcho)
07/19/11 08:55 PM
There's No Stopping Apple

Apple just released their quarterly earnings, and the short story is, they blew the doors off Wall Street estimates and had a record quarter. Pretty impressive considering there were no major new products released in the quarter.

- 142% growth in iPhone sales from the same quarter last year- 20.34 million sold.

- 9.25 million iPads sold for 183% growth from a year ago's quarter

- Record quarterly revenue of $28.57 billion dollars, $7.31 billion or $7.79 per share profit, that's impressive stuff vs. the quarter a year ago ($15.7 billion in the year-ago quarter, 3.25 billion, $3.51/share in the year-ago quarter).

- Mac sales up 14%, 3.95 million Macs sold

- iPod sales down 20% at 7.54 million units (no surprise, dedicated media players are in decline)

- Gross margin up to 41.7% vs. 39.1 in the year-ago quarter.


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