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08/12/11 11:51 PM
Re: Toshiba Thrive vs. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Android Tablet Comparison Smackdown

Great review but this part doesn't make sense:
" But for those of you who have no need for the keyboard and trackpad, why carry around a 3 lb. netbook alternative when the 1.7 lb. Toshiba Thrive meets your requirements (just remember the Thrive charger is 9.4 ounces (yet, just over a half pound!)."

If you don't need the keyboard and trackpad then get the Transformer which by itself is much lighter than the Thrive (1.2 lbs), and the Transformer charger is only 2 ounces compared to the Thrive's 9.4 ounce charger. No comparison.

The only advantage to the Thrive then deceptively seems to be the full-size connections which however are inferior to what the Transformer's keyboard has, but furthermore the typical need for those full size connectors will only happen where you might plug the transformer into to the keyboard anyway (at your desk). Instead, while mobile the only think you're likely going to plug in is only going to be memory, in the form of a microSD slot which is the latest and now the more common form factor for devices ... which form factor the Thrive doesn't support natively.

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