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03/17/12 04:32 PM
Re: New iPad Video Review - 3rd Gen iPad


At 5 minutes to 9 last night, our Apple store still had them in stock, why did you have to pay more than list price to someone else? Best Buy had them too.

I had a "brilliant" idea to trade in lots of video games and other stuff to Amazon for Amazon credit and use that to buy a new iPad. Amazon itself still doesn't have any new iPads in stock, but its partner merchants are finally starting to trickle in a few units. Unfortunately, these merchants are well aware of the fact that supplies on Amazon are so constricted that they can pretty much charge whatever they want.

I could continue waiting until Amazon itself gets iPads in stock, but they have refused to provide any specific date when that will happen. Maybe they just want you to buy a Kindle Fire instead?

Suffice it to say, I will probably not try this strategy again.

I actually did see the part of the video that talked about cases, but the Smart Cover is not just a case. It also communicates with the iPad and has technical functionality, so just getting it to fit physically might not be enough.

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