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04/11/12 05:42 PM
Mugen Power Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a power hungry beast that fortunately ships with a beefy 2500 mAh battery. But what if you're a power user on the road who talks a lot and uses GPS frequently? You can buy a spare battery and keep it charged up for a mid-day swap, or you can buy an extended battery.

Not all third party batteries are created equal, but we've been using Mugen Power batteries for years. They've been making compatible and reliable batteries for mobile devices since the days of the Pocket PC (remember the iPaq and Dell Axim?). Mugen sent use their 4500 mAh Lithium Ion battery with back for the international Galaxy Note and we put it through its paces. Given the long battery that nearly double capacity battery offers, it literally took a week to test it through a few charge cycles! We've had the battery more than a month and it's still going strong.

The battery is available for the international Galaxy Note and the AT&T version of the phone, and they're different part numbers, so be sure to order the right one. The AT&T version has even more capacity: 5400 mAh, and it costs $99.95. Both come with a larger back to accommodate the thicker battery, and they've improved on the original back by adding a kickstand for this Android smartphone-tablet hybrid.

The camera lens area provides a wide berth, so the deeper back doesn't cause vignetting or shadows in photos. The original plastic back isn't a wildly high quality piece, and we actually like the look and feel of Mugen's more than Samsung's. The battery and back do make for a thicker and heavier phone; and the 5.3" Galaxy Note is less pocket-friendly with the extended battery.

With heavy use that includes two hours of phone calls, GPS use and push email, the standard battery had trouble making it to the late evening. With the Mugen, we managed two days on a charge with very heavy use.

The Mugen Power 5400 mAh Extended battery for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note sells for $99.95 direct from Mugen's website. The Mugen Power 4500 mAh Extended Battery for the import Galaxy Note costs $98.95.



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