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04/16/12 02:53 PM
What you Need to Know When Choosing a Cell Phone Dealer

Not all cell phone dealers are created alike. And those really sweet deep discount deals with new contracts can cost you a thousand bucks in the end if it all doesn't work out. In this article we help you learn the difference between a carrier owned corporate store and an authorized retailer. Authorized retailers often have better prices on the phone itself, but they add on a second contract agreement that may lock you into that line of service for a half you with steep penalties if you leave. Amazon, BestBuy, RadioShack and your corner Verizon Wireless Authorized Retailer are all authorized retailers, and each have difference rules and agreements you'll agree to when you get a new phone with service.

We'll tell you the all the things to watch out for when you pick up your new cell phone or smartphone with contract.

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