Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
07/09/12 02:46 PM
DigiPower Introduces ChargeCard Thin Battery Pack for Smartphones

MIZCO today introduced its new DIGIPOWER ChargeCard for Smartphones and iPhones, a portable battery pack and chargerthat offers smartphone and iPhone users the opportunity to quickly charge their devices while away from conventional power sources without having to carry a bulky battery pack or a mess of tangled cables. Here is more info:

The new battery pack comes in the size of a credit card, that you can store inside a wallet right alongside credit cards and other essentials.

Both the Smartphone and iPhone models of the ChargeCard include a fold out USB cable that connects to the user's device, as well as a single button to turn the charger on and off, and sport a leather look finish, in black, red, and white. The Smartphone compatible model, a 680mAh mini power pack, provides users with an extra 2 Hours of talk time on their device. Weighing only .1-ounce, the Smartphone ChargeCard is only 3.25-inches long, 2-inches wide, and only one-eighth of an inch thick!

The Apple iPhone compatible version, a 720mAh mini power pack, offers users two additional hours of talk time, For more info visit


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