Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
10/13/12 04:30 PM
Deal of the Day: New Apple iPad 3rd Gen Tablet with WiFi

Today's deal is for the new Apple iPad 3 with 32GB WiFi Tablet (refurbished). The deal will save you $70 and you can get the 32GB for $529 and the 64GB for $629.

Check out our review of the new iPad 3rd gen at:

"The new iPad is a lovely evolution of the world's favorite tablet. It has an absurdly high resolution display (your eyes might not be up to the task of fully appreciating it), much faster cellular data courtesy of LTE 4G and a camera that takes lovely shots and good video. If you have the original iPad, this is a no-brainer upgrade. If you own an iPad 2 and money is dear, then the case is less clear unless you frequently use cellular data and wish for better speeds. The display is nicer, but for those of us with average eyes, it's probably not worth the upgrade of your 1 year old (or less) iPad 2 unless you're a tech enthusiast or an Apple lover who wants to have the latest and greatest from Cupertino. If you've got the cash and are eager for the new iPad, nothing stands in the way of my recommending it though. Even with my mediocre eyes, I can tell you it makes other tablets look a little jaggie and fuzzy."

Check out our video review of the new iPad 3:

To take advantage of today's deal and save $70 visit our Deal of the Day link

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