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03/02/13 05:21 PM
Evernote Reset Your Password

Just a little public service announcement in case you're trying to access Evernote on your mobile device and can't sync. Evernote suffered a security breach where login names, email addresses and encrypted passwords were stolen from their servers. As a precaution, in case the hackers manage to unencrypt those passwords, they're reset all user passwords. The Evernote team says that no credit card info was lifted and there's no evidence that data in your notebooks was viewed or touched.

You can visit and reset your password there. I found that iOS Evernote handled the password change fine while my Android phones simply failed to sync and didn't prompt me to login in. If that happens to you, log out of your account on the device, then log back in with your new password that you created on the Evernote website.

Here's the full info from Evernote:


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