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05/16/13 02:59 PM
LG Optimus G Pro Full Review

The LG Optimus G Pro has really grown on us in the week we've used it. No pun intended; yes it's a large 5.5" Android smartphone, but the narrow design makes it easier to hold-- it feels like a phone, just bigger. The G Pro runs on a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU, and that's currently the fastest CPU on the market. with 2 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of internal storage, it's got top shelf specs. The removable battery, microSD card slot and excellent 13 megapixel camera round up a very solid feature set.

But the real selling point is the full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS 5.5" display. It's sharp, it has natural colors and it works equally well for ebooks as it does for big screen movie watching. The LG Optimus G Pro is exclusive to AT&T in the US, and it sells for $199 on contract. If you're an AT&T customer looking for a big Android phone, do check out our review, complete with words, a video review and a smackdown between the Samsung Galaxy Note II and LG Optimus G Pro.

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