Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
07/02/13 02:36 PM
Lernstift to Release Pen with Onboard Computer for Recognition

The Munich based Lernstift UG today announced their prototype pen that has onboard Linux computer and recognizes words you write with the pen. Here's more info:

The transparent prototype of their digital learning aid is a real eyecatcher. The mini embedded Linux computer is located in the pen's distinct "belly", exchangeable writing tips can be inserted in the front and the power source (a standard battery) sits in the back.

While both the ergonomic design and the on-board software still require a lot of refinement, the current prototype is a major step towards the young company's goal: Creating a unique digital pen with the potential to change the way the world learns to write.

Meanwhile, the development of the on-board software is making progress as well. The "in-pen" system will process the sensor data to create a 2D image, which is then fed into the handwriting recognition engine.

The Lernstift team aims to have a first set of alpha testing prototypes ready later this summer. For more info visit

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