Tong Zhang
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07/02/13 02:57 PM
Explore the Mysterious Realms of Edge of Twilight - Athyr Above on iOS

Outwit your enemies and solve fun puzzles in Edge of Twilight - Athyr Above on iOS. Set in a fictional world where night and day exist as two separate but parallel realms, players take on the role of Lex, an outcast bounty hunter, who must cut through and trick enemies between the World of Night and the World of Day. In this steampunk epic, find out what lies outside the city as Lex's skills progress, exclusively for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Here's more info on this iOS game:

Designed with beautifully dark fantasy, realistic steampunk design, Edge of Twilight - Athyr Above makes for an instantly exciting action - adventure game in this steampunk genre. The team from FUZZYEYES offers endless fun with a customizable skill system, where players can determine how Lex's skills develop. The new virtual D-pad function offer players console-like controls, which allow for precise attack combinations. Additionally, players can also level up their abilities by collecting Ether throughout the game. With breathtaking and diverse landscapes, including a metal jungle and the wilderness of the Arthanmen Forest, fans can enjoy playing through the awesome locations as they fight to the hidden Ether Core.

Edge of Twilight - Athyr Above Features:

- Gentle learning curve and steep mastery curve
- Solve puzzles and battle opponents
- Switch between the World of Night and the World of Day
- Day Lex: Cut, shoot, and burn through enemies
- Night Lex: Mold portals of Ether into which throw opponents

Edge of Twilight - Athyr Above is available for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store at:


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