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04/04/14 05:35 PM
HTC One M8 vs. iPhone 5s Comparison Smackdown

It's not exactly Samson and Goliath, but the HTC One M8 and iPhone 5s are significantly different in terms of size and weight. Yes, on the outside they're both very sexy and beautifully crafted aluminum phones that are nominally available in the same colors (gray, silver and gold). They both have very sharp and bright displays with wide viewing angles and they're both available on all major US carriers with a $199 contract starting price. So how do you choose?

Obviously those of you who are wed to iOS or Android won't have a hard time deciding. But fanboyism is making way for a more open minded approach, and I know many of you mix your platforms--you go for an iPad and an Android phone, or vice versa. As ever, iOS is the more locked down platform, but that also allows for a very stable, secure and fast experience. Android is all about customization of home screens and widgets, and each manufacturer brings something of their own to the table. Android's app selection has caught up with iOS', and you'll find most titles available in both Google Play and the iTunes app store.

Let's get back to size. Some of you are dying for a big screen phone, while others say they wouldn't leave the extremely pocket and hand-friendly 4" iPhone size. It's about what you want--there's no winner or loser here. Obviously, the HTC One M8 is a significantly larger smartphone, but it's not so huge as the Samsung Galaxy Mega or even the Galaxy Note 3. I think everyone will agree that viewing photos and videos is much more enjoyable on a larger and higher resolution display like the M8's. But the price for that livin' large screen is a big phone. And if the rumors are true that a big screen iPhone is coming this year, iOS fans might want to wait and see what Apple has to offer.

There are many more points to cover, so grab a cup of joe and watch our HTC One M8 vs. iPhone 5s comparison smackdown video:


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