Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
02/09/18 04:33 PM
Warhammer Quest 2 Expansion: The Lord of Khorne Released

Perchang has released their first major content update for their hit game Warhammer Quest 2, The Lord of Khorne. The lands to the East of Altdorf are under siege by the Chaos forces of Khorne. Your Warriors must fight through the region of Talabecland and push back the incursion. A new map, new enemies, new environments, and a seven part story campaign to play through. Here's more info:

In addition to the new region, we are also releasing three new Warrior classes to play with. The fearsome Ogre, the devout Warrior Priest, and the nimble Wardancer. Listening to feedback from our fans, we've created these classes to feel different and open up new gameplay experiences. The Wardancer, for example, can leap over enemies and chasms while dual wielding weapons! While the Ogre charges through enemies, smashing them as he goes. With all-new abilities, weapons and items, players can now experiment with even crazier tactics and strategies.

Finally, the original game has been treated to numerous updates and improvements, such as iPhone X support. Also, due to popular demand, the new release has added dungeon ambushes to the main game. Now your Warriors will never be safe as they explore ever treacherous dungeons and caves.

-Three new characters. The Ogre, the Warrior Priest, and the Wardancer.
-A whole new map region to explore.
-A 30% increase in playable content.
-A brand new campaign to complete.
-New dungeon environments.
-New weapons, items, and armours.

The "Lord of Khorne" expansion will be on sale for #4.99 / $4.99 and the new Warrior Classes will cost #2.99 / $2.99 each. For more info visit

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