Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
09/05/07 04:08 PM
New Mobile Casino Games from Cellufun

Expanding Cellufun?s popular Mob Hill Casino brand, the company is introducing its new Video Poker today, adding to its growing collection of Las Vegas-style games.

Cellufun will also offer Black Jack and Slots, both free to consumers for mobile download. This new collection introduces a shared bank across all WAP and downloadable casino titles and connected play, with multiplayer titles coming soon. Much like their Las Vegas counterparts, Cellufun high rollers are encouraged to come back often and share their scores, earning Cellupoints, the site?s version of non-monetary comps, whether they win or lose. A Space Wars player might take a break from his galactic conquest and play some hands of Black Jack or a budding Einstein might get diverted from Patterny Test, the company?s recent tongue-in-cheek IQ game, to unwind with the slots.

?Casino games are a great fit for the mobile platform,? said Arthur Goikhman, CEO of Cellufun. ?They are a little taste of Vegas while you have a few minutes to kill. Sharing the bank across all of our casino games and including connected features such as progressive slots really enhances the experience of playing the games our users already know and love.?

Key features include:

? The currency bank will be shared across all of the casino games on offer, inter-connecting Video Poker, Black Jack, Slots and other Cellufun Mob Hill Casino titles

? Gamers will be able to keep existing game play in motion without losing their position

? Currency can be accumulated and stored by the house bank for use with other games or for a player to return to later

You can get more info or download the games at


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