(PDA Addict)
08/12/09 04:25 PM
Re: iPhone Game: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Hey Gang,

I'm working on a review but here are some quick heads up.

-Here is an interesting interview with the folk who ported the game to the iPhone

-Despite what the developer claims it is pretty much a port of the DS version of the game with some iPhone optimizations to controls and display (they took advantage of the iPhone's higher resolution and better ability to display text).

-The game is a MONSTER! It weighs in at 73M (and, ironically, 75M for the lite version). It is unlikely to play nice on anything short of a iPhone 3g or iPod Touch 2g (you can play it on lesser systems but it is bound to be pretty choppy).

-The lite is a great free way to preview the game but, be warned, for some reason the lite was not very well optimized and plays much choppier/laggier than the full game does. If you play the lite and like it with the only downside being the lagginess, odds are the full version will play much better for you.

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